Wednesday, July 15, 2009

house full

poor buck. he's limping around the house all sad and wimpy like.

somehow he's hurt his front paw and i'm pretty certain he'll be visiting our friend the thief, er uh, the veterinarian tomorrow.

this one on the other hand...

he's bouncing off the walls with energy.
our favorite saying right now is, "NO, BEN!"

poor anna. she's been running a fever off and on since yesterday afternoon.

i think she has a case of the "i miss my nana and poppy" flu.
i hope she feels better soon.
we need her help corralling ben boy.

tomorrow i'm bringing my apple blueberry dump cake to work.
one of the nicest coworkers of mine helped me out tremendously and i couldn't think of any other way to say thank you than with good food.

of course i had to try it.
it's very important that it's seasoned properly.
i just hope i don't eat all of it before the morning.

lookie here.
he's on the loose again.

"NO, BEN!"
gotta go chase my booger boy, call josh home for bath time and get anna some ginger ale.
we certainly have a house full, huh?

just in case you want to make your own dump cake, i'll post the recipe tomorrow.

1 comment:

...Nancy said...

yummm, cake. can't wait til you get here! :-)
also, about the vet - listening to R&B this morning, they talked about vets bills and how we are so willing to challenge a doctor bill, but when you get a bill from the vet - you feel guilty if you question it (like you don't love your pet). so true!
argh - the kittens are due a visit. can i borrow some $$$$?