Monday, July 13, 2009

just teasing

we have had a house full of visitors.
my mom and dad and my favorite nephew came to visit.
it. was. awesome.

so much so that i didn't take but maybe ten pictures the entire time.

more on that later, but for now, i have to give a sneak peek of my kitchen.
i've been promising, but i keep forgetting to deliver.

so for nancy and auntie suzanne, here is a teaser picture.

yep, that is white paint on those cabinets, new sparkly granite and shiny subway tiles.
makes my little heart pitter patter, i tell ya!

we hope to be 100% finished with the cabinets tomorrow night, but the island is a whole 'nother project and we'll need a few weeks for that.


Lisa said...

LOVE the kitchen! It is so beautiful. I have the same vintage mason jar on my kitchen island filled with heirloom roses from our yard :). Glad you are back in action. Put that camera to good use!

...Nancy said...

more, more - we want more! :-)