Thursday, July 23, 2009

kitchen details

just wanted to say a quick thank you! for all the kind comments and emails.
it means a lot!
john and i worked really hard to make this happen--and we waited a long time to make sure we got it right because we knew it would be a LONG time before we did this again!

because we got a lot of the same questions, i thought i'd try and answer some here.

1) what kind of paint did you use on the cabinets?
behr premium plus paint with primer (all in one) in the color swiss coffee.
the whole process was easy, but time consuming: light sanding, prime (two coats), paint (two coats), but the finish is awesome and smooth.

2) where did you get your subway tiles?
we bought them from the home depot. they have them in stock and they cost about $100 total. john installed them one weekend and grouted the next. we chose a pale gray grout to make the tiles standout.

3) what color is the granite?
the granite is called new venetian gold. my neighbor has the same color, but her's is mostly cream and brown. our's is more khaki, gray and black. it has an ogee edge.

4) where did you get the brackets? were they expensive?
the brackets under the cabinets were also from the home depot and were about $12 each. we painted them the same color as the cabinetry.

5) where did you get the hardware for the drawers?
believe it or not, i bought it at target. $3.99 each!

i think that's it for now. feel free to email me anytime.
promise to give more updates when we start on the island! can't wait.


Lisa said...

#1 We have the exact same granite in our kitchen.

#2 We have the same bin pulls on our cabinets in brushed chrome. And we came so close to doing the white subway tiles.

I have the aqua mason jar, love that color in general. Love cooking/cookbooks, old stuff, making things myself, the beach, taking pictures to document life.

Are we related :)?

Trudi said...

Thank you for sharing more. I'm going for that exact look. LOL. I haven't painted with Behr paint. I'm a valspar girl... however I picked up some Behr paint for living room trim to try it out. I may venture out with that for the cabinets.