Saturday, July 25, 2009

peacock blue?

remember back when i ordered that free glidden paint?
i chose a peacock blue color--with every intention of painting my front door.

yep. a peacock blue front door.

unfortunately, that grand idea of mine wasn't well received with the paint boss at our house (john).

so i waited a few weeks for the idea to sink in.

really, i waited until i could show him every. single. picture. on the entire internet of a turquoise/peacock blue colored door.

eventually, it worked. the idea of a blue front door wasn't so scary after all.
and really, it's just paint. what's so scary about paint?

on friday, i saw edie at life in grace's post on her new peacock blue armoire and i knew. it was time.

i'm not sure it will stay for long. or if it will stay forever.
i'm fickle like that.
but for now, it's just the change we needed.

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Lisa said...

The outside of our house is a seaside blue, and we live in Ohio :). The guy that designed our house thought it should be dark green or brown if we wanted a "color" and was distressed, I think, about the blue until he saw it. He was thinking "traditional craftsman". I was thinking vintage "California cottage". It turned out great, and it is an easy way to describe our house to anyone trying to find it: the only blue house in the neighborhood. Now you can just say, our house is the one with the peacock blue door :)! I love it.