Friday, August 21, 2009

another exciting friday night

ben is down for the night a little earlier than usual.
he was good and tired from a busy day.
the older kids are keeping busy with quiet activities.
anna's reading her new/old favorite book, chicka chicka boom boom.

she loves to tell the story (she has it memorized and pretends she's a great reader, much to my lovely surprise!).

and later she plays "mystery alphabet" with the letters
telling me a made-up story about the letter that's missing and where it could of gone.

josh is so much more hands on.

instead of reading and story-telling, he'd rather be building, using his hands, making stuff.

he's still into his legos and hanging with these little galactic guys.

i remember a time when friday nights were about getting ready to go out, heading to a bar, and staying up as late as possible.
but that seems so long ago now.
now i'm a mom and a wife and priorities change.
my priorities are these little lives and their every happiness.
legos, chicka boom, princess jammies, star wars.
now that's my idea of an exciting friday night.


Lisa said...

We have Legos and little Star Wars figures all over our house! Brian is our builder/Star Wars fan. Even though I sometimes get frustrated with all the little pieces, I don't know what I'll do when he grows out of them. I think I'll keep at least one droid in my jewelry box :)...

Angela said...

Hi, Amy! Thanks for your comment on my blog. Your family is gorgeous! I'm a little partial to Ben... ;)

...Nancy said...

love the new banner. :-) and, i love me some legos..