Sunday, August 23, 2009

weekend catch-up

we were up early this morning--with a list full of things we wanted to do.
first up, take anna to target to buy her a little vanity.
she's wanted one for almost a year. i promised her today was the day.
we left at 8am sharp.
when we saw it on the shelf in the store, she actually hugged the box.

ben was waiting for us when we got home.
he missed his anna.

we have been cleaning out the play room and after getting the new vanity setup, anna's room needed an overhaul too.
we've been selling toys and other stuff on craigslist.
people buy everything on there. it's awesome.
but cleaning out and clearing out makes you tired and hungry.
you'll never guess who still happily eats ramen noodles...out of a pot!

any guesses??!!

i'm so dead for posting these.
especially since he's wearing a holey tee shirt too.
sorry honey.

yesterday was josh's football jamboree.
he was excited and nervous and anxious.

but he did great! i was so proud of him. even uncle jay was impressed.
josh just kept scoring and scoring. and his team won both games they played.

instantly, they have a better record than they had all last season!
i hope they keep winning. it's just so much fun to see these boys back together again.

my mind is skipping all over the place. i'm just too tired to type.
off to bed i go.
good night!


...Nancy said...

those little football uniforms - adorable!!! ~ummm, i mean rough and tough and manly~ ;-)

nana said...

Congrats to our big guy,Josh! Nana and Poppy are sooo proud and wish we were there! Anna, we can't wait to see the new vanity! Ben many hugs and kisses to you and to all! Love Nana