Friday, August 28, 2009

family night

tonight we piled on the couch and watched the movie uncle buck.

i had forgotten just how funny it is.
and how much cursing there is in it.
i think i was just used to watching the cable tv version and forgot all about the foul language.

josh and anna didn't get all of it, but they laughed so hard at so many parts.
the ginormous pancake, uncle buck's junky loud old car, when he tells off the principal with the big wart.

family night is such a good thing.
family is so very important. it's everything.

earlier today i found out that a mother of one of josh's friends has stage 4 breast cancer.
she went to the doctor because of back pain.
she not only has a lump in her breast, but the cancer has spread to her liver, spine and lymph nodes.
she has two small children.
they go to our church.
they are just. like. us.
i can't stop thinking about kathleen and i can't stop praying for her either.

please cherish your family.
please have more family nights.
please snuggle on the couch with the little people you love.
please listen to your children's giggles.
please pray for our friend.


LoriLyn said...

How devastating. Said a prayer for you all...

Katy said...

I'll be praying for her. And maybe tonight we'll rent Uncle Buck too....I love listening to my kids laugh!

the sweet life with olives said...

wow. that is a reality check for me this morning. that these situations exist is heartbreaking, that they can happen to anyone of us, is bone chilling. my prayers are with your friend and her family, thank you for sharing. think i'll go buy uncle buck and plan a friday night on the couch with kids and hubby!