Sunday, August 30, 2009

just a blur

anna and i made a starbucks run first thing saturday morning.
it was nice and cool outside and we had the windows down.
anna was happy and full of energy.

she cracked me up.
all loud and giggly and...

sticking her feet out the window to feel the cool breezes.

she thought she was hot stuff with her child size cocoa.
look at this teeny tiny cup!

i spent most of the day finishing projects i had lined up.
finished the family photo wall, hung up my new pottery barn vintagey keys, rearranged the fireplace mantel.

i thought i would be prepared this year and i ordered the kids halloween costumes already.
i know, i know. but they all knew what they wanted to be and i had the money.
well, they came on friday and josh and anna have worn them all weekend.

anna loves the headband to her leopard cat outfit (i think she's even wearing it to school tomorrow!) and josh has been commander cody from star wars: the clone wars for the past 48 hours.
i asked him to find ben's sippy cup earlier and he told me he would be happy to complete the mission for me.

our poor ben boy has some kind of crud.
he's been puny and tired and his tummy has really been bothering him.

it's been a long sleepless weekend for us both. i hope tonight's better than last night.
time to get in my nice warm bed and say good night.
phew, this weekend was a blur...


nana said...

what's wrong with Ben? maybe cutting teeth again? hope he's better soon! Love the customes! Yes the weekend went by to fast. Worked Sunday day and Dad Sunday night. Thank God Dad had a good night for a change! Love to all Nana

LoriLyn said...

I started my Saturday with Starbucks too :) It's the perfect start to ANY morning!

Jo said...

awesome pottery barn vintage keys! I blogged about those a few weeks ago on my blog!! ;) good choice.