Wednesday, September 23, 2009

afv on youtube

i was watching america's funniest videos tonight and saw this.

i immediately had to find it on the web to show john.
because he loves this show as much as i do.

then i saw this one too.
and cried laughing.

and then this one caught my eye.

i was laughing so hard, i woke up josh.

and then here was a commercial that said there is a 8-hour afv marathon this weekend.
we're in trouble.
hope josh doesn't want to sleep much.

i need a tissue...
have to watch just one more time.


mommaof4wife2r said...

those are hilarious....and the fam loves afv! it's a belly laugh waiting to happen!

Lindsey said...

i can't even take it..can I use a tissue of yours?! those are great! waiting for my john to get home so I can show him! thanks for the laughs and the happy tears!

Lisa said...

Don't get me started on AFV...I laugh so hard I cry and can't breathe...especially at the montage sections. Are we twins? By the way, I have some music suggestions for you...I'll email...