Saturday, September 26, 2009

saturday recap

here's a quick recap of our day:

anna has been calling me her "assistant" all day.
i don't quite get it, but i'll play along until she makes me do something like clean her room.

she also walks around this house singing all day long.
and bossing us all around.
well, we are her assistants...

before josh's football game this morning, he went in our bedroom closet and curled up on the floor with his blanket. no one could find him! but he was so sleepy!
after we got to his game, we thought he would be too tired to play, but he was wild man on the field! scored a touch down and pulled 5 or 6 flags in the first half!

ben loves being on the football field with the boys. he warms up with them at every game. then he moves on to the cheerleaders...and warms up to them too!

this darn penn state football game is killing me. daryl clark makes me nervous and we are stinkin it up right now. what a nail biter! good thing i didn't get that manicure after all. i only have two nails left!!

another interception!??!! ugh.

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nana said...

Dad and Uncle Bob went to the PSU game and what a disappointment. I don't think they had a game plan at all. Anyway, I'm glad Josh had a great game. Wish i could have watched his game instead of penn state! Anna is showing that she is a leader and not a follower-you go girl! And Ben is turning on the charm! Watch out cheerleaders! Miss all of you so much! Love Nana