Friday, September 11, 2009

happy friday

this afternoon i decorated my dining room table with some pretty pumpkins from target.

i love the soft colors and distressed look that make them look more realistic than the traditional orange pumpkins.

don't get me wrong, i love orange pumpkins. they just don't go with the color scheme going on in here.

i also got these twiggy pumpkins too. they look so pretty with the hydrangeas i cut from my garden, don't ya think?

while i was downstairs playing, another star wars battle was going on upstairs.

josh was making all the sound effect noises.
bleeep. vrrrrttt! pppwwahh!

the saga continues...

later on, buck started barking like crazy and we discovered we had a little visitor right outside our front door. a momma rabbit!

the older kiddos tried to sneak up on her, but she was so quick!

she ran right through our fence and into our little vegetable garden.

tonight is movie night again.

tonight it's...

oh you'll never guess...



Amanda said...

Love the pumpkins, must go and check them out at Target!

Sarah said...

I love that look...and your table runner too! (And the Star Wars legos look quite familiar.)

Rebecca said...

Love your table setting for Fall! :)