Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i don't want to forget...

josh is old enough now to sleep without a night light.

ben loves that new black eyed peas song and moves his hips like elvis when he hears it.

i love ben's new buzz cut hairdo.

anna has a new best friend every day. i'm so happy she likes school and is making new friends.

john is trying to convince me to buy a jeep. again.

josh thinks that listening to the president speak is boring. i'm glad. he's only seven and truthfully, it is boring.

this past weekend, the older kids made out their christmas lists. yes, they did.

ben likes me to rub his head and run my fingers through his hair while he falls asleep.

anna is obsessed with drawing and reading and homework. i know this too shall pass.

ben's teachers want him to start potty training next week. they are brave. i am not.


From the Kitchen said...

You have a lovely family! I am disappointed to hear that Josh finds the President boring and that you agree. There are important issues at stake and none of us should have that attitude. There are too many people who allow the news media and others to shape their political views. This is not a good thing!

Kelli said...

I find pretty much anyone giving a speech boring! I agree with Josh too. :) Ben looks 10 feet tall and 10 years old in the picture where he is standing up. I miss your sweet Anna and Josh. Please tell them I said hello.

Tracey said...

Your kiddos are simply adorable!!!

:) T