Monday, October 19, 2009

flu shots

this morning both john and i got our flu shots where i work.
it reminded me to call the pediatrician and schedule the kids to get theirs.
the secretary asked me to bring all three kids in at 3pm.
i said yes, too quickly, and hung up. all three kids. at one time. oops!

they were all full of energy and bouncing off the walls at the doctor's office.
but they all did great!
josh and anna lucked out and got the nasal mist.
ben, poor ben, had the h1n1 mist, the seasonal flu shot and one last immunization he needed.

but no worries. nothing that a good old-fashioned sucker (lollipop) couldn't take care of!

(pics by josh)

after we got home, i rushed to get sandwiches made and on the table.
i was grabbing for the milk, putting away the bread, wiping off the counter--when i looked up and saw that they were all playing together so nicely.

and i mean, having a good time together too.

for a moment there, i thought maybe they put something extra in the flu shot this year. a healthy dose of cooperation!

THEN, ben threw a car at anna,
hit her in the face
and they both started crying.
josh walked into the kitchen and announced he was STARVING!
the dog started barking at the door to come in.

happy thoughts gone.

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meg duerksen said...

that cracked me up. it's true that when they are getting along you have to really notice or it will be gone before you know it.