Monday, October 12, 2009

funky momma?

it's dark and quiet outside.
the rain has finally subsided and we are settling down for the night.
monday night football is just starting and i can hear john on the baby monitor coercing ben to go to sleep.
the older kids are squeezing out every last second of their fall break (which officially ends at 8:01pm as far as I'm concerned).

so why am i writing all of this? well, truth is, it's been kinda boring around here.
don't get me wrong. i love boring. heck, i live for boring.
but boring makes for equally as boring blog posts. sorry!
i haven't even taken a picture with my camera in days.

maybe i'm in a funk.
maybe i've hit the blog blahs. does that happen?
i don't know, i see so much cool stuff in blogland every day.
maybe i'll post about that next.
yep, another "stuff i dig" post. stay tuned :)

for now, here's a random cute picture of anna.
because every post needs a picture.

you may have to click it to see better. lot of crazy static balloon hair.

now marc anthony is singing the national anthem (still on football here, stay with me).
is it me or does he look like count chocula?

john just came downstairs and said he just had to put the super nanny on ben.
apparently little man doesn't like staying in his bed for daddy.

oops, it's 8:02. time for the other kiddos to get in bed. break's over, remember?!
back to school tomorrow.
poo, that means back to work too.

p.s. my parents listed their home on the market today.
and my dad is actually going to retire.
at least i think so.
for real this time.
i think.

p.s.s. (or is it p.p.s.?) jo--we got our cornstalks at a local nursery, but we've also bought them at the farmers market and even at walmart before!

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nana said...

I sent you the link for our house listing! This morning all the realtors from Century 21 came to see the house. Dad was so excited!Everyone told me as they were leaving to start packing. They don't think it will be on the market long! I'm a little scared and excited too! Love Nana