Tuesday, October 13, 2009

stuff i like part #?

warning: the following post is a collection of the random loveliness that i've been starring in my google reader.
having said that, hope you like some of it too.

ok, another edition of "stuff i like."

edie's post on must-have makeup tips.
i may have to dish out for some good makeup after watching her cute little video.

etsy shop owner ketti's camera bags.
look like cute vintage purses but inside, the perfect place for those lenses and accessories.

that artist woman's salt dough leaf prints.
this could be our next fall project that i could see easily becoming keepsakes.

ava's homemade bedroom spotlighted on ohdeedoh.
there's something so special and sweet about this colorful space.
wish i could bottle it up.

{last two are especially near and dear to my heart.}

a special essay written by our urban farmhouse friends after the passing of a young woman in their community.
have a box of tissues ready. but don't chicken out. read it and stew on the real lesson to be learned.

a bittersweet essay about using the "r" word. we all have said it and many still do. even people i adore. but it's mean and degrading and NOT NECESSARY.
i was one of the worst abusers of the word retarded and now when i hear it my insides start to burn.
this passage pretty much sums it up.

is that enough for ya?
wait, you still here? :)

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Victoria said...

Thanks for the post. Can't wait to try the salt dough prints with the kids, so cute! And, I will definately read the others after the kiddo's go to bed.