Wednesday, October 14, 2009

quick pics

even though it's wednesday, it feels like a monday.
we haven't seen more than five minutes of sunshine in days.
i'm tired and achy--but instead of laying down on the couch in my pajamas, i'm moving furniture and trying to redecorate everything.
did i mention we are having our annual pumpkin carving party next saturday?
this will be our fifth year!

so i'm semi-freaking out about making our home pretty and getting every project on our list done.
but in the meantime, i'll be a maniac, driving john nuts, and keep coming up with more and more ideas.

so, what have the kiddos been up to while i'm acting like a NUT?

playing wii and star wars,

{ben is totally in love with his foam light saber i got him from the dollar tree}

walking around the house in mommy's hot pink slippers,

and taking cutie pictures with a new bargain basement $2 beanie hat.

for any of you attending the party, target has pumpkins for $4.95, buy two, get one free.
so really 3 for $10. cheapest price around.
and while you're there, get yourself a grande skinny caramel macchiato.
i'll take one too!


KMc said...

The slipper pics are so cute. My son does the same thing with my slippers...:-)

Kelli said...

I loved your pictures! So cute!