Thursday, November 19, 2009

please enjoy...

i'm crankypants tonight.
semi-freaking out about christmas coming so soon.
semi-freaking out about thanksgiving coming in one week.
semi-freaking out about all the preparations and work to be done.
decorating and baking and cooking all seem so daunting to this tired mommy.
wishing i still had my cottage living magazines to inspire and enchant me.


my kitchen is sparkling clean.
the kids are clean and all sleeping soundly.
backpacks are ready to go.
snacks are packed.
laundry is caught up.

all of that helps make me feel better.
it's amazing what a clean kitchen sink can do for the soul.

ok, enough whining.
{whining doesn't help the soul much at all}

please enjoy a few more pictures of my goofy children found on my camera.
{where was i when all this went down???}

1 comment:

mommaof4wife2r said...

in spite of all the sutff going on, the kids took great pics! super cute!