Tuesday, November 17, 2009

proud girl

(anna's self-portrait found on my camera tonight)

anna is really loving school lately. (although every morning she doesn't want to go)
but every afternoon she comes home with heart-warming stories of things she's done that day.

today she drew her teacher a picture of a turkey.
mrs. matice liked it so much that she put it on her calendar to show thanksgiving day.
mrs. matice told her at first she thought it was a sticker because it was so professional looking!
anna was very proud.

the other day anna came home from school with a note from a student-teacher who's been helping out in her class.
y'all know how anna is always, ALWAYS singing something, so the note was very appropriate.

she thinks she could be the next american idol.
or at least really good friends with hannah montana.

even bigger than that little note, anna brought home a special CHAMPSS award (no clue what that stands for.)

did you see that...trustworthiness.
josh told me that was really good.
i think it's better than good.
i think that is AWESOME.
aww shucks. i love her so much it hurts.

p.s. thanks for those who donated to charity:water.
meg's post said the total raised by bloggers that day was over $10,000!
thank you nancy and others for your donations!

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nana said...

That's my girl! Anna(as mom briggs would say)you're going to go far in life-smart as can be!Poppy and I are soooooo proud of you! Keep up the good work! How is Josh doing this year? I'm sure just great! Love to all Nana