Sunday, November 1, 2009

trick-or-treating 2009

trick-or-treating this year was wild.
it's hard having three kids at such different ages and ideas of what they want to do.
we tried to get another family shot on the front steps for halloween 2009.
this is pretty much the best we could do.

someone, i'm not going to mention any names, kept taking off and doing his own thing...

and most times could be found strutting around with his bad self.

while the others seemed ok with having their pictures taken.

ben did NOT like his candy bag. at one point he threw it on the ground and in toddler language, i'm pretty sure he scolded it.

the weather was lovely--mid fifties and just perfectly halloweenie.

josh took off with his friends and their parents, so we pretty much went with anna, her friend and ben boy.
we all came home loaded down with way too much candy.

the older kids both said it was their best halloween ever.
frankly, i'm glad we just survived it all.

this morning, anna asked me what she should be next year.
and josh chimed in, "how many days until my birthday?"


LoriLyn said...

The picture of the scolding is too cute!

nana said...

How many cavities do we have now! Of course they all look adorable! Sorry we didn't make it down. Maybe next year kiddos! Love to all,Nana