Friday, October 30, 2009

looking back...

we made it through a very busy day.
therapy, parades, halloween crafting and parties.

tomorrow is another busy day.
football, trophies and of course, halloween.

the kids are so excited.
i know i keep saying that but really.
they are NUTSO about halloween.
you guys know josh, right?
mr. S~E~V~E~N cavities?
sir candy-aholic?


well, i decided to go in the archives tonight and look at pictures from years gone by.
tomorrow we'll have one more to add to the mix.

i proudly present, the jupin family halloweens, 2002-2008.

halloween 2008:

halloween 2007 (ben's first halloween):

halloween 2006:

halloween 2005:

halloween 2004 (anna's first halloween):

halloween 2003:

halloween 2002 (josh's first halloween and our first halloween as proud parents):

and one more of my sweet little sheep.
just because i love it so.

good night.
y'all be safe tomorrow.

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