Tuesday, December 15, 2009

girls christmas party

tonight was our annual girls' night Christmas party.
i almost didn't go. i've been cranky pants again all day long.
BUT, i'm so glad i did.
it was wonderful.
and our friend, mrs. tessa, was once again the year's best hostess.
and the food.


chicken piccata, four cheese pasta bake, homemade bread with garlic and herb compound butter. salad with artichokes and squash. two yummy warm dips with a different kind of bread. and for dessert, snickerdoodles with fresh strawberries and brown sugar whipped cream. (just had to document it. it was ridiculously good.)

ok, girls. here are a few pictures.
love you all.

tessa made the cutest penguin hors d'oeuvres. olives, stuffed with cream cheese and carrots.

tessa's uncle (i think) is an artist and made this of mary and baby jesus. i love it.

another reason tessa is so cool: she has a "shoe" tree.

some of the girls.

and mrs. tessa herself.

more lovely ladies, sitting by the fireplace.

the food table after round one.

and of course the sparkly bar area. she's so GOOD, it's sick.

we all begged tessa to host another party in the spring.
she's already planning an italian themed party with roasted pork loin.
can't wait.

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KMc said...

Those penguins are soooo cute! And that shoe tree...I got so excited seeing all those cute little shoes (is that pitiful?), I would use those all year long somewhere, don't know where, but I'd find a place, they're too fabulous to store away. ;)