Wednesday, December 16, 2009

gift card tree

in the beginning of the year, i signed up to be anna's class room mom.
i love being a part of her kindergarten memories.

for the most part.

but there are times when i FREAK out, CUSS, SWEAR and SWEAT over it.
like for Christmas.
what do i do for a class gift??

enter the gift card tree.
{i think it's brillant. BRILLIANT, i tell you!}

each child sent donated a gift card of their choice, dollar amount of their choice and i simply tied them on a small houseplant-like live tree from lowe's.

right now they are 50% off too. BONUS!

i did a little recon and asked the teacher about her favorite places to eat, shop, coffee, etc. and forwarded that on to help the parents choose, but besides that, there was no pressure at all.

no pressure to donate, to give a certain amount, nothing.

i think parents appreciate the SIMPLICITY.

i did good, right?


KMc said...

AWESOME! That's going to be one VERY happy teacher! :)

nana said...

You did real GOOD! If i were a teacher i would love this. What a fun time i would have spending all those gift cards!Hope all is well with everyone. Love Nana

LoriLyn said...

It's fantastic! I'm a teacher and I would pass out if I received that! It'll be a hit :)

Kelli said...

Wow...what a cool idea!

Alicia said...

I am sure your gift idea was much appreciated! All our teachers deserve all that and more. Good Job!