Monday, January 18, 2010

light of the home

today was a yelling kind of day.
i yelled at josh for not including ben while playing.
i yelled at anna for spilling cheese and tomato sauce everywhere while making her mini-pizzas.
i yelled at ben for knocking down the newspaper sending it flying!
i yelled at john for...i can't remember what for but i definitely remember yelling.

i heard somewhere, i think from rabbi shmuley on 'shalom in the home' (don't laugh...great show!), that a mother should be the "light of the home."

that got me thinking.

i haven't exactly been any kind of "light."
in fact, i've been down right dark and dreary.

i've been wondering what's going on with me and why i'm feeling this way.
i'm sure it will pass and i'll get back to myself again soon.

i want to be the light of our home.
a good mother, a nurturing person, a loving and doting wife and mom.

i want to cook more and clean more. happily even!

i want simplicity and organization.

i want to find--no, make--time for myself again, even if it's just for a small walk around the block.

i want and need fresh air every day.

i need more hugs.


that's an awful lot, huh?

i better run.
anna's doing a science experiment with lemon juice, blueberries, crackers and a little baggie.
something about digestion...from pbs.
sounds interesting. :)


nana said...

All these things sound so wonderful! Simplicity! I think you're a great Mom and daughter! Love to all,Nana

Kylie Mc said...

It is so hard sometimes to juggle everything, believe me, I know. I'm with you, I want to be a better "light" in my home. Thanks for this post! ;)