Tuesday, January 19, 2010

look what i found

i found this picture on my desktop the other day.

john took this picture when ben was just a few days old.
we were trying to make ben's birth announcement.
it was almost too difficult to do, but i knew it had to be done.
we took hundreds of pictures, but none seemed good enough to me.
i was still drowning in sadness, confusion and grief.

silly me.

but still, the despair was so hard and real and right in front of me, and these pictures were almost too much to look at.

i'm so, so happy that God took my hand, led me out of that darkness, and showed me the beautiful LIGHT that shines in our family.

i'm so happy i found this picture again.
when i look at it now, all i see is pure joy, excitement and LOVE.


Adrienne said...

Wow, what a beautiful picture but I know exactly what you were feeling, even though I already knew it was still hard to face the reality of it all. So glad this picture can now bring you joy when you look at it!

...Nancy said...

thanks for making me tear up first thing in the morning. Amy - you are an inspiration!