Friday, January 1, 2010

new year's

john's bff flew in with his family on new year's eve.

and again, we've fallen back in the same routine as Christmas: eat, drink, eat, eat.

the kids have fallen back in their routine too: tear up the house and act like crazies.

maybe it's the full moon.
maybe it's the ridiculous sugar intake.
or maybe it's just the fun of being on vacation.
anyways, they are having a blast.

the adults are much more low key.
after all, we're slowed by our supremely stuffed bellies and wine headaches.

i can really tell that we are getting older now. even though we made it till midnight, we just chilled in our pajamas, sipped on a few drinks, and watched a movie.
as it got closer to midnight, we watched one of the new year's shows and giggled at the strange outfits, goofy dancers, and lip-synching stars.
we are getting O-L-D, aren't we??!

oh well. it's still fun, just not the "where did i get this bruise from and where is my shirt??!!!???" kinda fun. :)

there's still the weekend to live it up some.
and it is a full moon after all...

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Kylie Mc said...

It's comforting to see some Penn State attire. ;) I'm from PA.

Happy New Year!