Thursday, January 6, 2011

thank you craigslist.

you rock my world.

for $50 i couldn't find a cheapy mdf shelf to fit the space.
none that i really wanted.
and then i found this little gem on craigslist.

it has the perfect bit of shabbiness to it and it's solid wood and heavier than a boat motor.
all those drawers so all my craft junk is tucked away from sight.
i need to put that last pull back on someday soon.

ok, i'll show you a teeny bit more of what used to be the JUNK room.

i like leaning frames until i decide exactly what i want to do with them.
scored this one at the country living fair. it's one of my faves.

light and beachy and airy. or at least that's what i'm going for.
tan and white--i admit it, i have an addiction.

slowly, the little bits and pieces of me are making their way back in.
i am trying so hard to really EDIT my things and use only what makes me happy.

and so the office / computer / craft(ish) / no longer the junk room project continues...


...Nancy said...

your new header pic, the snowy back yard...AMAZING! next time we have a snow threat - i am camping in your back yard (until i get cold of course, then i am coming in the house) just for a chance to see that snowy beauty!

Heather at Blessed Little Nest said...

what a great find!!
i love that frame. it's wonkiness is perfection. p.s. we have that same anthro gc holder. we use it as our tooth fairy pillow...we call it our tooth monster. :)

happy new year friend!!

meg duerksen said...

that is beautiful.
all of it.

Lisa said...

Love your new finds and the overall look and feel of the room. I am sending you a few pics via email of something you can look for when you're shopping vintage :).