Wednesday, January 5, 2011


this year is going to be different.
i can feel it.
i think a couple resolutions are in order.

very simply, i would like to

1. allow myself TIME.
time to workout, time to plan meals, time to sit down and read. books even.
with absolutely no guilt.
(i hope i can do it!)

2. be more diligent with eating whole foods.
the good stuff. colorful food. not the stuff in boxes or fancy packaging.
i love junk but junk doesn't love me.

3. make the effort to really connect with others.
relationships are so important. i've met so many people in the last few years that i would love to know better. people that i think could really mean something to me if i would take the time to really CONNECT.

4. do FUN stuff with my family.
close the computer, forget about the housework and just GO. while they are still little and all mine.

5. bring back the DATE night.
keepin it real here...i am totally afraid of leaving ben with someone besides john or myself, especially for bed time. we have tried this a couple of times, with a sitter, and anna always tells me how bad ben cries--to the point of pure exhaustion--when john or me aren't here. just knowing that makes me feel sick. but he's a little older and i'm ready to give it a try with my parents babysitting.
we need date night. no explanation necessary. :)

6. clean out the GARAGE.
purge. purge. and then purge some more.
if i love it, keep.
if i only sorta like it and/or never use it, donate.
if it's past its prime or just plain nasty, trash.

so there you have it.
in black and white.
we'll see how it goes.
ok, i think i'm ready.


Lisa said...

Ooooo, good resolutions! You can do it!

Lisa said...

I'd like to copy all these, word-for-word, for myself (except I would replace "garage" with "guest room"). It is good to have goals and priorities. Thank you for writing mine out for me :). Let's do this!!