Thursday, January 14, 2010

why do you torture me PB?

ok, quick house update--we are still waiting.
they countered, got another offer the same day, and now they get to decide between the two offers.
waiting sucks.
but, the good news is that we're fine with the decision either way.
if we get the house, ok.
if we don't, ok too.
stay tuned.

now, onto something entirely different.
did everyone get their new spring pottery barn catalog?
i did.

poor john.

i've been showing him pictures, making him pretend to like stuff, planning out purchases, annoying him to no end.

but it's just pictures like this that send me daydreaming

of coastal cottages and cozy farmhouses

and those pretty timeworn pieces and beautiful faded fabrics.

i'm a total decorating junkie.
i can't help it.

poor john.

one more thing: i got an email this morning from urban farmhouse (my biggest store crush that i've never been to).
the country living fair is scheduled this year already.
but this year, there will be TWO fairs, one in ohio (september) and one in atlanta (in october).
if you want to go, let me know!

tricia, auntie suzanne and mom- sorry, but you have no choice. meet you there!


mommaof4wife2r said...

i'm a decorating junkie tooo!!!!!

nana said...

We will be there for sure! PB certainly has our number! Love everything too! Love Nana