Tuesday, January 12, 2010

snap out of it!

remember that line in "moonstruck" when cher slaps the daylight out of nicolas cage?
classic, but very fitting for my funk, my rut, my curl-your-nose-up-all-wrinkly-like case of the yucks!

and...it may have something to do with a little secret i've been keeping.
NO i'm not preggo!
but just a week or so ago i posted about how i was going to stop complaining about not having a bigger house and focus more on simplifying.
well, i have. i've cleaned out and gotten rid of and thrown away.
it felt sooooo good.


i also happened to go to an open house for a house in my neighborhood.
and i loved it.
i may or may not have piddled in my pants over all the storage.
john was just as gaga as i was.

this is not good.
because i instantly started to imagine s-p-r-e-a-d-i-n-g out in that house.
and imagining all the stuff i could do to make it all homey like we like it.

oh i know, don't go giving me the "but you just redid your kitchen" and the "but you love your house" crap.

don't you know i already know all that??!!!

i do and i do love my kitchen and i do love my house

and my blue door and the fact that i've brought two of my babies home here and it's the only home my children have ever known and it's the place i love to be the mostest in the entire world.


so i'm freaking out.

we put in an offer and are waiting to see what will happen.

let me repeat.
i'm freaking out.
sorry for yelling.

maybe that has everything to do with my funk.
someone please slap me.

ok, my rant is done for now.
i'm emotionally spent.
and maybe acting just a little ridiculous. sorry.

i have no idea where this will all lead, but i know that wherever these people are

that's where i want to be too.
in our current home or in the next one.
'home' is where we are...together.

ranting done.
i'll be fine. i'll be fine. it'll be good. i'll be fine........


Adrienne said...

LOL- I love it! I'd be the same way! Hope everything works out as it should and as it's meant to be:) Love the picture of the kids with your husband-so cute!

suzanne said...

Ame...you have to call me and give me the mls # (?) so we can look the house up online!! We tried to call on Sunday afternoon, to THANK YOU for the lovely, thoughtful Christmas gifts....but Jason answered (i was a little confused at first for a minute...not sure what # I had dialed, it's not fun getting old!!)so, call me so we can talk HOUSE !!! xxoo Auntie Suzanne

Kylie Mc said...

First of all, your current house is gorgeous. :) Secondly, I would be going crazy too if I were in your shoes, so vent away. Just take comfort in knowing that whatever is to happen, God already has planned for you. Good luck with everything. ;)