Friday, February 26, 2010


i spent last night with him.

the harry connick jr.
what a great show.
he's so so good. and funny. like crazy funny.
and yummy too. did i mention how yummy he is?

at one point he was about 10 feet away from us. talking and joking with everyone.
i loved it.
even if i sneezed and blew my nose through the entire concert.
i have a horrible cold.
but it was still so fun and the music was awesome.
my favorite kind of music. the toe-tapping kind with lots of clapping.

thank you john.
it was the perfect valentine's present and a great date night.

funny thing about date nights though, we hadn't had one in almost three years.
people tell me all the time that we need to go out more often.
uncle jay tells me i'm a homebody. i know he thinks i'm a dud.
but the truth is, i choose to stay home. i love being home.
there's no where else i'd rather be.
and i missed my kids. like crazy.
john did too.
we talked about them a lot while we ate out.
we laughed at funny things they've said or done.
we wished they were there with us.

but still, it was harry.
i couldn't miss my harry.
even if it meant missing my kids.

this morning we all woke up smiley but still not feeling well.
josh has a sore throat and anna has a pounding headache.
we are all home--playing hookey from school and work.
and it's nice. even if we all don't feel good.

i'm off to buy harry's new cd.
to stave me over for the next few years until date night rolls around again.

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Robyn said...

love Harry!! got to touch his hand at a concert in the 90's!! awesome!