Wednesday, February 24, 2010

this past weekend

it was in the mid 60s and beautiful outside.
(it's not in the mid 60s and it's not beautiful outside right now.)

we spent the better part of both days in the sunshine.
ben and anna played basketball and ran around in the driveway for a long time.
i have to say, poppy, you might just have a basketball player on your hands.

anyway, i'm tired and not feeling well tonight, plus the 30 degree temperature outside is already making these pictures feel like they never happened.
but the newest freckles on my checks are telling me otherwise.

hurry spring. please. i miss your sunshine and warm breezes.
my flip flops are lonely. my turquoise purse would like to come out of the closet.
the little buds on my daffodils want to open up and join you.
the cherry blossoms are patiently waiting.
so am i.
please hurry.
gratefully yours,

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