Monday, February 1, 2010

weekend update

i'm tired.


i'm feeling a little more content and settled tonight.
i came home from work and tried to do what needed to be done happily.
i tried to focus more on what i have instead of what i want.
i tried to focus more on being with my kids instead of waiting on them.
i tried to make dinner and focus on being happy to have food in our home.
i tried to fold laundry and focus on being happy to have clean clothes.
i tried to get the kids bathed and focus on being happy to have clean water.

it's so much easier to feel content and blessed when you think this way!
because truly, we are so unbelievably lucky.

we put the kids to bed at 7:30 tonight.
they've had one too many late nights lately.
since we have a quiet house, i was able to go through this weekend's pictures.
we had some funny ones.

anna did a project for school on a famous african american.
she choose martin luther king jr. because she had just learned about him and thought he was neat.

i don't know how we got started taking pictures of the kids eyes, but i have about 100 pictures on my camera like these!

anna kept laughing so her's are almost all blurry.
but i love them just the same.

this is josh's goofball face. we see this face one million times a day!

oh, my latest addiction: leftover fresh market christmas blend coffee with steamed milk and caramel drizzled on top. YUM!

and ben's latest addiction: matchbox cars.
he can play forever and still be intrigued!

yes, i have no doubt whatsoever that his smile could light up the world.

oh my sweet and wonderful children,
i promise to be a better mommy.
i promise to figure some things out in my head before i start yelling.
i promise to remember how lucky i am to have you and how i prayed for you so.
YOU are a GIFT.
i love you.
love, mom.

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