Wednesday, February 3, 2010

this one here...

has been really testing us.
let's suffice it to say, last night, john and i took all of josh's legos away.
every last one.
and josh wailed for an hour.
it was bad.
holy cow, was it bad.

today was better for all of us.
parenting is tough, but kids need discipline. i think sometimes it shows we care and they get that.

hopefully, josh will earn them back, he'll start living up to his end of the bargain, and we'll all be happy.

i promise to start blogging about sunnier times and fun stuff!
i promise.
this has been one heck of a week!

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nana said...

It breaks my heart to see any of the kids in trouble and Mr. Tenderheart pouts so well that it makes it harder. Josh is so smart and yet sometimes he acts like he does'nt care about a thing until something like this happens! Good luck to all of you and i hope Josh learns a dear lesson! Love to all.Nana