Tuesday, March 16, 2010

awesomeness. (it's a word, no?)

some other awesomeness that continues to bring me JOY:

ben is blabbing a million miles an hour. every once in a while i can make out a word or two. even so, his sweet baby voice makes me happy. (oh--and his latest word is ball--plain as day.)

i'm working hard on letting josh be more independant. he always has been, but i'm letting him go more and more. sunday he went to the movies and spent the day with his friends. i only saw him for a little while. but i'm ok with that. he needs to do that--it's part of his growing up. he spent some great quality time with us last night and i swear if i give a little, he gives a lot in return.

anna has two imaginary friends. one is a friendly ostrich and the other an ornery puppy dog. she writes stories about them and draws pictures so i can see what they look like. last night i almost laid down on the ostrich. he was sprawled on the couch and i didn't know it!

i have hesitated to actually put this last one in writing for fear that it wouldn't come true. how silly of me. like i have any kind of control over that. duh.

ok. deep breath. here goes...

my parents have sold their home and are moving to alabama next month. whew. there, i said it. we are all excited, nervous, excited, scared, excited, happy, excited!!!! i expect to do a whole lot of this

and this

this summer. now we have to find them a house and quick!
please keep your fingers crossed and say a prayer that things go smoothly with the move and closings. this is a major, major thing for them and us. we love them so much and can't wait.

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