Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a day in our life

saturday i started taking lots of pictures.
i planned on capturing little shots like what we ate for breakfast and random things we did together--kind of like an average day in our lives. (meg did this a few weeks ago and i loved it).
but my camera's battery died around 10am.

i thought about trying again on another day, but when i went back and looked at the pictures i had taken, i found that they i took really did tell the story of the day.
and i love taking pictures this way. there's no pressure to get it right. fun.

one of ben's favorite toys

josh and his sleepy, toothless grin

school notices and recent test scores (they aren't always this good)

fresh spring flowers on the kitchen table

anna's art and homemade magnets

star wars toys from happy meals

a little lion in timeout for back talking

a camera shy boy who keeps following me around

mailing out packages

waffles for breakfast

eating and watching cartoons together

the last of my stash of pumpkin candles burning

handmade cards from a thoughtful and kind friend

the boys playing legos...again

a happy bird's nest making it's easter debut

nothing spectacular but really spectacular all the same.

our everyday life is something special. something extra special.
and these kinds of pictures capture just the kind of day in our lives that too soon will be nothing but a memory.

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Kim said...

Very cool! I saw Meg's post too & thought it was a cool idea. You did good! The simple things...