Friday, March 26, 2010

ben boy turns 3!

happy birthday to our ben boy!

ben, we love you all the way to the moon and back. you are the light of our lives.
mom, dad, josh and anna


nana said...

Happy Birthday to our Benny!!!!! We love you and miss you and will see you soon!!!!Hugs and kisses from Nana and Poppy.......Love to all Nana

...Nancy said...

Happy Birthday Ben....and Happy Anniversary Amy! :-) Very cute video and AWESOME song!

Kelly said...

Happy birthday, sweet Ben!

Your little life is a TREASURE to your family, and even to some strangers out here in the blog world! You just shine, sweet boy!

Kelli said...

Happy Birthday Ben! Wish we could tell you in person!!

Amy, my emotional self got so choked up watching that montage! What love just pours out! It was so sweet!

Also, thanks so much for your comment and support on my post...I truly appreciate it!