Saturday, March 27, 2010

birthday love

the birthday love still continues...

friday we celebrated ben's bday with his class at preschool.
ben wore his #3 shirt and everyone stopped him to check him out.
he strutted up and down those halls just a-smiling!

john and i made elmo cookies together. (and we were so proud of them!)

this is ben's best friend ava.
she has been in the same class with him since they were teeny tiny babes.

ava just loves ben--she came to school friday just to be there for his celebration!
sometimes ava can be clingy to ben. and he doesn't like it one bit...

or does he??!

maybe ben's just a player and likes it that way.
i mean come on...she's a cutie pie!
whatever he's doing, it's working! (snicker, snicker)

tonight we had a small family party. more pics to come tomorrow!
the birthday love just keeps on keepin on...

p.s. since so many have asked, the song on ben's video in the last post was jack johnson's "better together from the album "in between dreams." it's such happy, sunny music.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the Elmo cookies! So creative!!!

Kelli said...

Those Elmo cookies are awesome!! Looks like you guys are having a lot of fun!! :) Happy birthday again Ben!

meg duerksen said...

he is adorable. i am partial to the shirt! it looks so good on him! :) it's perfect for birthday ben.

happy birthday ben!!!