Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i'm sorry

for sounding like such a whiney, complainerimer in my last post.
i'm feeling much better today.
i went with julie to the GW today and even though i didn't buy anything, it was so nice to talk/vent to my bff.
i miss her so.


back to normalcy.
things like happiness and gratitude and sincerity.
i choose happiness.
i choose gratitude.
i choose to be sincere.
somehow i forgot all that. or perhaps i should say i had a temporary lapse. :)
now, how about some decorating? (how's that for a segway?)

these pictures are making me feel so inspired and happy.
i'm really afraid of color, using color in my home and being content with it for the long term, but these spaces are so done so well. they exude childhood, don't they?

i just love them! or how about these pictures from sarah richardson? see what i mean about using color in such tasteful ways--not looking like a hot mess. this is beautiful.

i love blue and green and the painted furniture and everything.
someday soon. or at least someday.

ahhhh, it feels good to be back to normal.
i will be Mean Mommy no more!

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