Tuesday, March 30, 2010

ohmy goodness

i keep trying to focus on finishing ben's bday posts, but it's proving to be next to impossible to do. oh my goodness.

josh is doing homework and crying again. homework and crying go hand in hand these days. it's not pretty. those of you with small children who haven't started school yet, brace yourselves. those of you with older children in school, where was my warning?!?

anna is pouting. now crying and sobbing because she doesn't know how to clean up her art mess.

ben isn't feeling well and has extreme booger nose. he's following me around half crying, half fussing, half wanting something but what he isn't sure. and yes, i realize that is three halves which doesn't add up, but it is adding up to an overwhelmed, frustrated and near teary-eyed momma.

kids can be hard to handle. parenting is tough work. it feels so overwhelming right now.

did i mention that john may only have five weeks left at his job before he has to find something else? good. great. grand. wonderful.

i have a feeling a glass of wine is in my near future.

and i can not wait until easter sunday because not eating sweets for lent is about to kill me. i think i'll have an ice cream sundae for easter breakfast, followed by a roll of cookie dough with a side of nutella for lunch and a bag of dove dark chocolates for dinner, after my plate of ham of course. one must eat ham on easter. it's a tradition you know.

and so the pity party continues...i'm sorry. i really am.

ok, back to the birthday.

saturday night aunt julie, uncle bob and uncle jason came over for pizza and cake.
the house was full of noise and laughter and general craziness.
i took a few pictures, but nothing turned out spectacular. i was too busy having fun to care.

ben didn't blow out his candles (even though he knows how), but he sure was proud of himself anyways.

the cake was sooo light and fluffy.

uncle bob wanted to get his picture taken with ben but he was too quick! i have ten pictures just like this one where ben is just a blur!

but he gave aunt julie a couple of big hugs and i caught one of those. i think she may have tricked him with the balloons to get him to hug her. i love this one below.

and i love this one of uncle bob and ben too. i love how bob is looking at ben.

after the presents were opened buck fell asleep in the middle of all the wrapping paper, toys and noise. uncle jay started putting things on bucky's back and slowly the pile grew.

i guess buck didn't think it was very funny but we sure did!

that's it i guess.
and i guess that's more than enough for tonight. i know i have more pictures, but they must be on the other camera still.
oh well.
i gotta run. the crying continues and i seem to remember something about wine...

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