Wednesday, March 10, 2010

stick-on earrings

today i spent the best $1 ever.

i found these stick-on earrings at walmart for anna.
she chose to wear the purple hearts first.
maybe the pink glitter stars tomorrow and maybe the greens ones for friday.

so cute.
i probably should have saved them to put in her easter backet, but oh well.

anna's really been back to her funny self too.
a couple random funnies for ya:

(while walking in her tap shoes) "if i were walking past a sleeping bear, i don't think it would be a good idea to wear these shoes!"

"can i take a bath by myself tonight?" (she hates taking a bath with ben but we still make her sometimes)
"yes," i agreed.
"woo hoo! i prayed for that and it already came true!" she exclaimed.

she was humming a song over and over. finally i figured out it was the song "funky town."
"that's one of those real american songs, right mommy?"

last one, and a serious one instead of the funnies:
we were watching tv last night and a commercial for the humane society came on.
you know the ones with the sad, sick and tortured animals in it?
well after it was over, i noticed anna was sobbing. she was so hurt and upset by what she saw.
she promised, "when i am old enough i'm going to become a veterinarian so i can take care of every single animal on the planet earth! i'll help all of them, even if they only have one eye. i don't care about that at all!"
and tonight, out of the blue, she cried again just thinking of the commercial.

oh my sweet compassionate young lady. you make me so very happy.
and those earrings are just fabulous.


Team Carter Jay said...

Oh, she's so sweet! The tap shoes comment cracked me up. :)

Lisa said...

All those comments are classic. Just a little slice of the awesomeness of everyday life. Glad you are keeping track. And those stick-on earrings rock!

nana said...

My tender-hearted Anna,is just like you were when it comes to animals! I swear you liked animals more than humans sometimes! And, Anna, you look marvelous in those earrings!!!! Out of the mouths of babes!!! Her comments are so funny and sweet at the same time. Love to all,Nana