Tuesday, March 9, 2010

thank you

wow. you guys really know how to lift me up.
your comments were so sweet and thoughtful.
they left me feeling overwhelmed, so overwhelmed.
isn't this bloggieland so amazing?
perfect strangers reaching out and comforting me.
loving my son. wanting to protect him too.

you people rock my world. you really do.

the only thing i ask, it's just little bitty really,
the next time you see someone with down syndrome, just say hello.
don't stare, don't avoid it, say hello. try it!
or tell their mother how beautiful their daughter/son is.
you will make their day. i promise you.
just like you made mine today.

and because you deserve it,
this is for you!

pic from here



Ann said...

I jumped over from Pinwheels and wanted to say that you have a beautiful family and blog! Thank you also for the honesty in your previous post. I have fraternal twins, Caleb and Maggie. We got Caleb's Ds diagnosis about a week after they were born. The softness and love that is on your sons face in the first Elmo picture reminds me of Caleb. I love your photographs!

Anonymous said...

You are an absolutely amazing momma! Keeping you & your family in my prayers often!