Thursday, April 29, 2010

art show

last night my parents and i took anna to an art show.
it wasn't just any art show. it was the madison city schools show for exceptional visual and performing arts.

there were rows and rows of amazing art. two gymnasiums full!
anna was very interested in it all. she was so quiet and silent looking at each picture.

she studied some of the animal drawings and paintings. she was searching for one animal picture in particular.
a little yellow giraffe in the savannah of africa.

finally i spotted it! nestled next to a drawing of a castle and another drawing of wild animals.
see it down there? with the black border?

nana started to cry. (i think she's very tired from unpacking boxes. either that or she's just one proud grandma!)

our little anna's art was selected to be in the show.
i was so proud of her.

she was so excited to find it!
and her name was on it too!

anna's little giraffe made my whole day.
i hope she keeps creating, using her imagination and keeps pursuing her love of drawing.
i was so impressed by all the creativity there. and that anna was included in all of it.

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Laura Lee said...

I love that her gram cried! How sweet, almost made me want to cry :)
We should feel that way about all our kids accomplishments, shouldn't we? Thanks for sharing!