Wednesday, April 21, 2010

mini-golf bday party

last night we met at the minature golf course to celebrate josh's birthday.

there are times i love kids this age. most times they crack me up. what's with the peace signs?

have you ever watched 12 boys play putt putt together?
yeah, me neither!

they lasted like this for about 4 holes. then it was a free-for-all!
boys everywhere.

anna was the only girl. she drew on her score card most of the time.
always creating.

i took some artsy shots.
well, i tried anyways.
i'm such a dork.

no, wait, he's a dork.
a super cute 8-year old dork!
oh my goodness, how i love him.

this one is for meg.
golf balls, rainbow style!

ben threw three golf balls into one of the water traps. oops.
he liked running everywhere and watching the older boys act like nuts.
there were lots of tears when it was time to go.

the kids ROCKED the 'happy birthday' song and josh blew out his candles.

what a day for my big boy.

two birthdays down, one to go.
anna girl, you're next! (next week that is)

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...Nancy said...

nice balls Amy - golf balls that is. hugs... :-)