Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my son

8 years ago today, my son josh was born.
he was the most beautiful baby i had ever seen.

i remember the very moment it all hit me.
the delivery nurse came to my bedside and told me my baby was perfect.
she smiled at me and i started sobbing like a baby.
it was so overwhelming. i had a son. i had a son.
i kept thinking it over and over again in my mind.

i had a miscarriage a year before and it scared me to death.
i thought i might never have a baby. i prayed and prayed and pleaded to God to listen to my heart.
and 15 months later, i was entrusted with a gift.
this wiggly wrinkly baby boy with big eyes and a little mouth.

i still can't believe it.
eight years ago.
i have a son.
it's still overwhelming. in the best way possible.

happy birthday josh. we love you so very much.

1 comment:

Laura Lee said...

that got me all teared up! happy birthday to you both!