Thursday, April 15, 2010

this is tough...

i hesitate to write about this because i have no idea who reads this blog and who may know who, so i'm going to try and keep the details to a minimum.

josh has been having a lot of problems at school.
to keep it simple, josh and his teacher do not mesh.
and we, the parents, and josh's teacher do not mesh.
josh is also very quiet and nonchalant about things so it's hard to gauge exactly what was going on.
so after his grades kept dropping and we started grounding him because of it, more and more details of his every day life at school began bubbling to the surface.

it was not pretty.
the yelling. the name calling. the punishments. the shame.
when you are 7, your teacher is supposed to be an inspiration. not a dictator.
to say we were shocked is an understatement. i knew it wasn't good. but i had no idea it was this bad.

frustrated and very angry, john went to the school principal and we had josh moved to a different class.

josh started on monday and so far things are going much, much better.
the organization and communication is built into his daily routine so we don't even have to ask, we already know what happened that day.
and josh's attitude...well let's just say he's been jumping out of bed every morning ready to go to school.

yesterday i asked him how it was going.
he said, "Great! my new teacher doesn't even YELL at us!"

so, overall, lots of changes and worrying and dealing with things that are unfortunate and relly just plain sad.

i hope josh can learn to love school again.
i hope he can learn to trust his teacher and not be afraid of her.
i hope he sees how much we love him and want the best for him always.


Anonymous said...

I've come across this with my daughter's Social Studies teacher. She calls them stupid in so many words if they do bad on a test. If they don't raise their hand, the teacher calls them out, and then says "I figured you wouldn't know the answer".

After our teacher meeting with her, all is rosey again.

inadvertent farmer said...

OK...who yells at 7 year olds? I hardly yell at mine, and she's mine. I cannot imagine yelling at someone else's that I'm supposed to be teaching. Yes scary! Kim

Kelli said...

Bless his sweet heart. I am so glad that he was able to change classes.

Kylie Mc said...

As a teacher, I can tell you that when the grades start slipping, it's almost always an indication that something is going on, somewhere (home or at school). It's a shame that a teacher was the cause. You did the right thing by talking to the principal and changing his class.