Sunday, May 23, 2010

the last few days

josh had his awards day at school.
he received the award for PERSEVERANCE.
of course i was a teary eyed mess.

the rest of these pictures are totally random shots of a busy, but otherwise perfectly typical, weekend.

it's been in the 90's all weekend and HOT.
the boys have been running around shirtless.
we have eaten a case of popsicles already. in fact, popsicles were our lunch yesterday.
i paid josh and his friend to weed my flower bed.
there is still lots of weeds but it's an improvement.
the keurig coffee maker was my mother's day present. i love it because when it comes to making coffee, i'm the laziest person in the entire world.
the dogs spent the weekend hunting a momma and baby rabbit in our yard.
so far, the bunnies have won. i hope they find a new home--that isn't shared by hungry pack animals.
ben is in desperate need of a haircut.
everyone in my family is already ridiculously tan but me. i'm still "willie 'white legs' johnson", as my uncle bob would say.
anna is addicted to painting and drawing. she would paint you if you stood next to her.
i am addicted to bowls of vanilla yogurt, fresh blueberries and granola.
i'm also addicted to smirnoff cranberry lime coolers.
i saw my first coyote this weekend too. that was neat. in a freaky way.
ok, that's it. we're all caught up.
happy monday, y'all.

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The Counters said...

So funny. I too am eating lots of yogurt as I realize it is good for me, but it could be better described as eating a little bit of yogurt with my granola. Maybe I need to buy a single coffee maker as I use no coffee being made an excuse to go to Starbucks. Example: husband sick yesterday so no coffee made = me late to work after going through the drive brew. Then there is that problem with the whitest legs ever. I have not been to a tanning bed since college days, but my legs would sure be a lot prettier; and I never have gotten down the self tanner application. Lastly, I beg my retriever to leave the bunnies alone every time she launches herself off the deck in hot pursuit.
I am nodding with your post...