Wednesday, May 26, 2010

more stuff i like

i like stuff.
i really do.
i'm not one of these people that throws away anything nonchalantly and doesn't fuss about it.
i like my stuff.
and i'm constantly inspired by a lot of other stuff.
so here's a quick list of stuff i like right now.

these totes from lemon tree studio.
oh my. how happy is this space?

the song "glitter in the air" by pink.
it's so beautiful. i honestly did not realize what a good singer she was.
i also feel myself staying perfectly still and soaking in pearl jam's "just breathe" whenever it comes on the radio.
and i still love matt kearney. anything by matt kearney.

i am utterly in love with the show "parenthood."
i cry over the story lines, i laugh at the characters, i drool over the sets.
i'm perfectly in trance when it's on.
i haven't liked a show this much in a long time.
you can watch a few episodes on

this blog post by kelle hampton, nella's momma, made my entire week.
she's awesome in so many ways. but most of all, she's freakin real and i love it.

if i could chose my home, out of a million qajillion homes, i would choose this one.

it's my dream. a white cottage. (i just sighed again looking at it).

john got me this necklace for mother's day.
it makes me smile every time i look at it.

this blog post made me laugh out loud.
why do all men love wood walls? c'mon. be honest. this beach cottage looks amazing in its new white color scheme. doesn't it??

ok, i guess that's it for now.
john just called and ben's running a low grade fever and needs to be picked up from school.
poor little doobie.
have fun clicking!

1 comment:

Lisa said...

I would choose the white beach house, too :). Did you see Pink perform Glitter in the Air on the Grammy's ( It was absolutely mesmerizing. Worth watching many times over :).

Love ya, love spending a few quiet minutes catching up on your blog and checking in on your sweet crew...