Friday, May 21, 2010

a rainy morning

i woke up this morning to the darkness that only rain can bring.
my pajama pants were twisted up around my waist and i had to go to the bathroom.
but the stillness and that gentle sound of the rain falling...oh it was making it so hard to get up.
while getting dressed i heard the rain starting to fall faster.
"ugh," i thought, thinking ahead to walking to the bus stop and taking ben to school.
i didn't feel like getting wet this morning.
i wished the sun would come out.

but then i heard the sound of birds whistling and chirping.
i opened the blinds and watched as little robins and bluebirds flitted about my backyard.
they were diving and chasing one another, looking for a breakfast treat, calling to each other from the rooftops and tree branches.
the rain did not bother them one bit.
they delighted in it.

i smiled to myself.
this rainy morning, the birds singing, the sweet smell of the morning dew, the lush green of my yard--all a part of a lovely gift that i had almost forgotten to notice.

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Kylie Mc said...

enjoy it all....those are the very things i miss, the very things i once took for granted. ;)