Thursday, May 20, 2010

a little bit of everything

it's thursday. already. actually, thursday is almost over.
how did that happen?
i'm tired.
i'm having a hard time concentrating on anything so i thought i'd write about a bit of everything.

anna's back to her drawing.
now she's into seahorses and rainbows.

last night it was a scuba diver.
pretty good, eh?

for some reason i love this blurry picture of ben.

maybe that's because it captures the essence of ben in that blurry wild mess--he's constantly moving, with a smile on his face, whether he's being naughty or not.
i think he was in fact being naughty here.

the other day i was scrambling to get things done.
the house was a wreck and it needed to be cleaned.
anna wanted to help but i needed her to occupy ben for a bit while i worked.
suddenly it occurred to me--why not let them HELP? duh.
so i got them a couple of dusters and sent them on their merry way.

they actually did a pretty good job! ben helps me unload the dishwasher most days too!

last week i had to be at work super early.
it was still sooo dark driving in but there was this band of beautiful pink peeking over the mountains.

by the time i made it to my exit (can you see the rocket in the distance?), the sky was starting to light up from the morning sun.

and there was an eerie low-lying fog on the grassy pastures. it looked like a thick frosting spread over the dewy fields.

as much as i hate getting up early, it was a wonderful morning drive in.

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