Wednesday, May 19, 2010

this could be love.

i have ridiculously thick hair.
it takes forever to dry it and get it nice and straight.
and oh how i love salon straight hair.
anyways, ben threw my ten year old hairdryer across the tiled bathroom floor a few weeks ago.
when i picked it up it sounded more like a maraca than a hairdryer.
so it was time for a new one.

meet my new best friend.

she's awfully pretty and sleek.
and she has features like ionic and ceramic and something about nano tourmaline something or other. i don't understand all that fancy schmancy stuff.
but i do know that she dried my hair in five minutes flat. completely dry.
and straight. no frizzies.
and i love her completely.

you can buy her here but i see that she is out of stock.
amazon also has her here for less but she doesn't come with all the attachments.

no worries. next time you're in your local target, grab you one and get happy!

1 comment:

Laura said...

oh good! I need a new friend!!!!!!